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A Focus On Estate Planning And Probate

Everyone needs to have an estate plan. If you have just welcomed a baby into your family, you may need to draft your first estate plan to protect your new addition. Following a divorce or the death of a spouse, you should review your current documents for accuracy. After the death of a close family member, you probably have questions about locating the will and probate.

At each stage of your life, we are here for your family. Our firm has deep roots in the community and has been located in Auburn since 1948. Our estate planning services often include the following documents based on your needs:

  • A will — the foundational document that explains whom you want to care for minor children and inherit your assets
  • Trusts — including living trusts and special needs trusts
  • Community property agreements — which may ease the transfer of title
  • Durable powers of attorney and powers of attorney for health care — which may avoid the need for a guardianship proceeding

In addition to helping families across Pierce and King counties with estate planning and review, our lawyers also guide them through estate administration and probate.

What Is TEDRA?

In Washington, the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) provides a framework for dealing with will contests, intestate estates and other probate disputes. This means that if parent passes away and there are allegations of undue influence, the dispute would go through TEDRA mediation.

We are well-versed in the TEDRA rules and frequently work with retired judges to mediate disputes to avoid litigation. Here are some of the matters that we help resolve:

  • Disputes over the validity or terms of a will
  • Issues regarding the competency of the testator (the person who made the will)
  • Intestate succession issues when there was no will
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims against an estate administrator

Even with the new alternative dispute resolution framework, we still handle some cases through full litigation when in a client’s best interests. Our representation is always tailored to your needs and you will find we are accessible when you have questions through the process.

Compassionate Legal Services

We can assist your family with a broad range of estate planning and probate legal issues. Schedule an appointment by calling 253-245-1254 or emailing us.