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Defending Your Rights In Divorce

After you have made the difficult decision to separate and divorce, how do you start the legal process? Local courts have local rules. This means that the process varies between King and Pierce counties. You need to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer, who can help you through the legal system.

Our attorneys have 65 years of combined legal experience. From our Auburn offices, we represent families throughout King and Pierce counties with divorce, legal separation and property division under Washington’s community property laws. We also help parents in child custody, visitation and child support matters. We offer practical and strategic counsel to meet your goals.

Timely Solutions

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who recognize the importance of a timely resolution. In one case, when a client called after a conflict had been dragging on for months, we were able to step in and negotiate a solution within a matter of weeks. We settle most cases out of court — however, our attorneys have the experience to take a case to trial when it is in your best interests.

What Happens To My Business In Divorce?

Does your family own a small business in the region? Are you concerned about the effect your divorce will have on it? Our attorneys often work together on these cases — attorney Landon M. Gibson III focuses on family issues and attorney David D. Jarvey on business concerns (for instance, he may take a look at a corporate structure when there are red flags).

Depending on the relationship of the spouses and whether there is equity, a negotiated buy-out of equity in the family business may make the most sense. In other situations, both spouses may want to retain some control. Business valuations are another area of common disagreement. However, we are often able to address these issues in a final settlement and also tie up any loose ends, such as a spouse listed as secretary in the incorporation documents.

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How do you start the divorce process? Call 253-245-1254 or complete our online form to find out. Our experienced family law attorneys will explain what you can expect and answer your questions.

We understand this is a difficult time and offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your divorce concerns.